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All I want for Christmas is a Niffler shirt

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All I want for Christmas is a Niffler shirt

Funded by taxpayers from all walks of the political spectrum, wouldn't it be fair to keep a neutral, non-biased and merely informative role? Why should a tax-payer who votes Tory be paying for alt? Interesting how Farage thinks the "entire Westminster class are gutless" yet is so gutless himself that he's not standing for election, again, so he can be subject to the democratic process he claims to support. I must say the coverage of this by the has at least taken my attention away from counting the flecks of dust spotted on our home curtains. Beats me how he can say stuff like this with a straight face when after 10 years of crippling austerity and hikes in tuition fees the All I want for Christmas is a Niffler shirt debt has increased by. Talk about the pot calling the kettle a piccaninnie with a watermelon smile. Since the Conservatives got into power I've seen the number of homeless people increase, I've seen disabled people be left with no money, I've seen how the councils had to cut back on their projects, I've seen prices rise and I've seen more people depending on food banks. Voting for tories is like shooting yourself into the foot. This is what's happening for me today. I have decided that reading about what the leaders want us to believe they will deliver if we vote for one of them is way out, so think about what you consider to be the best for our country, weigh up all the promises that are being made, this time and last time,

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